A Simple DIY Pinboard

A Simple DIY Pinboard

I've been collecting pins for a few years now and my collection is slowly growing. I can't remember where I saw this, but I noticed people using cork boards as a way to display their pins. My first display was just a square cork board but as my collection grew, I needed to figure out a way to expand my set up.

I got the idea to use trivets from our kitchen and realized they'd be a great display option. For $4, you can buy a set of 3 trivets from IKEA. That's a super good deal and offers a fairly modular way of building out a display set up for your pins. If your boards fill up, just add a few more. Plus, their circular design gives the display a nice finished look. You could just use the trivet as is, but I don't really like that cork color as a backdrop for my pins. Here's a quick and easy way to fix that.

1. Get your trivets!


2. Spray paint. I used this gray color since it's fairly neutral and shouldn't clash with the colors of most of my pins.


3. Prop the trivets on a piece of wood and spray them down nice and evenly.


4. Once they're dry, nail them up to your wall. I just used a simple sheetrock nail and then stuck a pin over the nail to cover that up.


Now, I just need to reorganize and fill out the blank spaces.


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