Buckman Show & Art

Buckman Show & Art

The Buckman Show & Art was my first show of the year. It was also the first time that I did this show. There were lots of other fellow vendors/artists at this show plus a really good turn out. Overall, this was a great event.

I made a good amount of sales and got to do a test of my new booth concept. I wasnt able to get my full booth concept complete in time for this event, but I had enough done to do a sort of test run. So far, the booth set up worked well. There's a few minor refinements to make, but set up was easy and it was attention grabbing. I'm looking forward to getting the full booth complete in time for Crafty Wonderland in May. That will be the real test. Until then, this first event was a success and was a lot of fun.


I turned Wilbur into a wooden plant holder back in October. I made him completely by hand. I cut the wood, sanded everything, painted assembled and sealed him up. I've been bringing him to the past few events and someone finally bought him at this event. It was a bit bittersweet, but I'm confident he found a great home.

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