Hello! My name is Jason and I'm the artist behind Hi, Hello There. Thanks for visiting the shop and poking around. I hope you've found some illustrated goodness that makes you smile. After all, that is kind of the goal with my art.

So, who am I? I'm a freelance illustrator/designer living in Portland, Oregon. I love to draw things that make me smile and/or feel good. Sometimes those things are fun monsters, unicorns or ghosts. Sometimes those things are words or landscapes. Regardless of what the art is, they all share a similar illustrated vibe that aims to make you smile or feel those warm fuzzies deep down inside.

If you want to check out my freelance work, head over to my website: www.jasonheglund.com

Hi, Hello There is my creative playground. Everything you see started in my head and has been brought to life by me. Sometimes I am able to make products myself inside my studio and other times I partner with manufacturers to help bring my idea to life.

How did I come up with the name? I wanted to find a name that I thought would encompass the overall vibe of my art and ideas. I felt that my art was always friendly and welcoming. That's when it dawned on me that the name should be a greeting because greetings are friendly and welcoming. The fun thing about the name is that it's both a greeting and a call-to-action. When you greet someone, they greet you back and a relationship is formed. That's where it all starts, with a greeting.

I officially started this in September of 2019 and plan to keep adding new illustrated goodness. Currently, the shop offers enamel pins, art prints, buttons, and shirts. I have a new picture book in production hopefully, in the near future, more of my ideas will make their way to the shop.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you can follow the journey with me.