Coloring Sheets on the iPad

Coloring Sheets on the iPad

If you're like me, you might do a lot of coloring on the iPad. If you ever download some PDF coloring sheets and want to color those on your iPad, here's how I've done it.

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. File > Export To > Image > JPG. I usually export at 300 dpi so that I don't have to worry about low-resolution.

  3. Airdrop those lovely JPG files over to your iPad

  4. On your iPad, make a new square canvas in Procreate

  5. Tap the Wrench icon > Tap Add > Tap Insert a Photo and navigate to the coloring sheet

  6. Add a new layer and rearrange the coloring sheet layer so it’s at the top

  7. Set the coloring sheet layer to multiply and start coloring on the bottom layer!

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