Make Believe | Rainbow Plated Enamel Pin

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This rainbow plated enamel pin was brought into existence using the magical powers of imagination. It’s such a colorful and shiny enamel pin, it’s sure to stand out in your collection.

What's the idea behind this pin? Well, when you make believe you bring something to life that didn’t exist before. The idea starts out as this abstract shape and by the powers of imagination, that idea forms into something real. This pin is a reflection of that idea. To make believe is to use your imagination to take something abstract and give it shape, meaning, and life.


  • Size: 1" wide
  • Finish: rainbow plated enamel
  • Due to the rainbow plating process, the color of each pin is unique. Some pins might be more purple while others might be a bit more blue.

Illustrations and designs © Jason Heglund/Hi, Hello There